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Dermatend review

July 17, 2009

Tea tree oil, Castor oil, Apple cider vinegar are all effective natural remedies for skin tags that don’t have any side effects of any kind. When used properly, they can guarantee good results and get you rid of you skin tags without leaving any scars whatsoever.

However, they do require a bit of patience and consistency on your part in order for them to work. In fact, up to three weeks of treatment with this type of remedies may be required to kill a skin tag.

If you want to take advantage of the healing power of natural remedies to get rid of skin tags faster, then you can use one of the many powerful natural creams for skin tags that are available in the Market.

One of these creams is Dermatend. It is a natural herbal extract that is made of Sanguineria Canadensis, Vegetable Glycerine, Distilled Water and the Butter of Zinc.

Dermatend works on skin tags, warts and moles. The way dermatend works is that it penetrates to the roots of these skin growths to kill their tissues permanently. After two or three treatments with Dermatend, a scab forms and then fall off after three or four days leaving a little scar that vanishes within two weeks.

Dermatend can be used on all parts of the body, however, and like all other ntural and topical treatments for skin tags, it can’t be used near the eyes or the mucuous membranes. To learn more about Dermatend Click here !


Wart Mole Vanish and skin tags

February 21, 2009

There is no shortage of natural skin tag treatments on the market. One of the most effctive of these medicines is Wart Mole Vanish.

Wart Mole Vanish is marketed by Pristine Herbal Touch and it is designed to work on all types of warts (including plantar and genital warts), on moles on skin tags and on Syringoma.

The ingredients of  Wart Mole Vanish are Cashew plant, Fig plant, Celandine plant, Lemon and de-ionized water. And, unlike other skin tag removers on the market, it does not contain potentially harmful ingredients like Bloodroot or Zinc Chloride.

With Wart Mole Vanish you can remove a skin tag with only one single 20 minute application. Just make sure you do not apply Wart Mole Vanish to the area surrounding the skin tag.

After treating a skin tag with Wart Mole Vanish, a minor blemish may appear as a result, but you should not worry about it because it will fade away within 90 days. Click here to learn more about Wart Mole Vanish!

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Removing skin tags with apple cider vinegar :

August 1, 2008

Apple cider vinegar is a fabulous natural remedy for so many health problems like acid reflux, heartburn, acne, yeast infection or warts.

It can also be used for removing skin tags . If you want to use it for that purpose, all you’ll have to do is soak a Cotton ball in it and then rub it on the skin tags 3 times a day until they fall off.

Let me warn you though that apple cider vinegar should not be applied on the skin tag that are located on the eyelids or in any other sensitive area.

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Is removing skin tags dangerous ?

July 15, 2008

        Many people would want to learn about alternative methods for removing skin tags to spare themselves the elevated cost of laser therapy or freezing.

        But before trying anything, they want to be sure they’re using safe and proven methods and not some hazardous or dangerous remedies.

        If you’re one of these people, then, in this little article you will learn when removing skin tags is dangerous and when it is not.

        You will also be introduced to some of the safest methods for removing skin tags.

        When NOT to try alternative remedies for removing skin tags: 

        You should never try to remove a skin tag by yourself in these two cases:

        1- If the skin tag is located on the eyelid, then you should not try to remove it by yourself specially if you want to use a herbal extract or nail polish or some other topical solution that may harm your eye.

        2- If you’re not sure that what you have is a skin tag. I mean if you notice that it changes in shape or color (the signs of a malignant tumor), then you should immediately seek out the help of a dermatologist.

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Removing skin tags with castor oil and baking soda :

July 2, 2008

Castor oil is yet another natural remedy for removing skin tags. This essential oil is extracted from a plant called Ricinus Communis.

Castor oil is very well know for its effect for healing wounds as well as other skin problems like warts.

To use Castor oil in removing skin tags, you have to mix it with baking soda until they form a paste and then you’ll apply that paste 3 time a day to the skin tags.

In order for this treatment to work for you, you’ll have to be consistent with it and expect to see results after 10 to 15 days.

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Removing skin tags with compound w freeze off

May 25, 2008

          I have read articles online that suggest removing skin tags with compound w freeze off. 

          However, After searching some more, I have discovered that this is absolutely not a good idea since the company that created this product insists that it is a product that is meant for removing common warts.

          If used on skin tags, there is a risk of having them irritated. Not only that, but it there is a risk of irritating the healthy skin that is surrounding them.

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Removing skin tags with bloodroot paste

May 5, 2008

        Bloodroot is a plant that grows in western US and Canada.  It is also known as pauson, red pucoon or bloodwort. 

        The extracts of this plant can be used in removing skin tags. The procedure is pretty simple: you just cover the skin tags with bloodroot using a band aid and then wait for it to fall off.

         The problem with this remedy is that can harm the healthy skin that is surrounding the skin tag. That’s why, you have to make sure that the bloodroot past doesn’t spill over to the healthy skin surrounding the skin tags.

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Removing skin tags with nail polish

April 26, 2008

      Nail polish is among the most commonly used skin tag removers. It is not the best remedy for removing skin tags , but a lot of people have used it successfully.

      The method is simple: you just cover skin tags with nail polish two or three time each day until they fall off.

       Unfortunately, this can take a couple of weeks. Moreover, if you’re removing skin tags from eyelids or another sensitive part of your body, then, you wouldn’t want use fingernailnail polish.

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Removing skin tags with duct tape :

April 24, 2008

         One of the most widely used methods for removing skin tags is to use duct tape. This method is safe but it requires a good deal of patience on your part.

        If you want to try duct tape on skin tags, you’ll have to cover each one of those skin tags with a small piece of duct tape. Just make sure that the whole skin tag is completely covered.

       After two or three days, check to see if the tape is loosening and if the skin tag is about to fall off. If after that period you see that the skin tag is still hanging on, you’ll have to put on a new piece of duct tape on it.

       As you can see, removing skin tags with duct tape is a little tedious, and that’s why you may prefer using Tea tree oil or another natural herbal extract like Dermisil for skin tags.

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Removing skin tags with a string

April 16, 2008

          One way for removing skin tags at home is to cut off the blood supply to their tissues. By doing this, the cells that make up those tissues die and you get rid of your skin tags. 

          This method of skin tag home removal consists on tying a thin string around the base of the skin tag for a couple of days (about three days) until it falls off. 

          You can use a dental floss, a fishing line or a sewing thread. Just make sure the string is tied very well and be patient for about three days.

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